Saturday, January 10, 2015

Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad has Moved Into Our New Building

The new building will be a major step-up from the current facility, and about four times larger. It boasts new offices, one kitchen, an event space for 300, giant garage for the emergency vehicles, a study, workout room, TV room, and a 10-bed bunkroom.

The squad initiated the project for a new building when they bought the first parcels of land back in 2010, and started construction 23 months ago. The new building cost about $2.3 million and the community has been tremendously supportive through the whole process.

The squad is part of the Isle of Wight County emergency services and has about nine full-time employees and 100 active members. Volunteers spend one night a week at the station and one weekend shift every three weeks. They range from college students to middle-aged residents, and many are in, or pursuing, related professions. They have a lot of nurses, some policemen, but also lawyers, accountants, electricians and plumbers. For a given shift about 8-15 employees and volunteers man the station, ready to respond to car accidents, fires, and medical and other emergencies.

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