Frequently Asked Questions

  • Finger Prints

  • If I don't live in Smithfield, can I go to any police department and received a finger print card?

    If you do not live in Smithfield, you can get your fingerprints completed at another police department in Virginia. You will have to tell the officer that you are applying for an EMS position. You may also have to pay for the service if you go to another police department. The one provided by Smithfield Police Department is free of charge as long as it is used for the Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad.

  • Why does the Rescue Squad need finger prints and criminal background checks?

    The Virginia Office of EMS made mandatory in July 2014 that all new employees or volunteers applying for an EMS job in the commonwealth would be required to have a federal background check. In abiding to the state requirements, fingerprints are submitted to the state so they can run a criminal background check on all applicants. The process takes less than a month and upon completion a letter is sent back to the squad and is placed in the applicants file.

  • Process

  • What can I expect after I submit the application?

    After submission of the application, it is reviewed by the Vice President of Membership and an interview is set up. After the interview, you will receive an email with an invitation to an orientation event. During the orientation event, you will receive more information on the rescue squad, and will be given access and instruction to the scheduling system. Depending on your certification level, you will also receive a packet for precepting. After your orientation, you will be released as a probationary member for 90 days.

  • What can I expect from the Interview?

    The interview is a way for the rescue squad to meet the applicant and get an idea of who they are and answer any questions they may have. It also allows us to discuss any issues that may have been brought up with the application or any missing information that may be needed to complete the process.

  • Can I do a ride along before submitting the application?

    Yes, we actually encourage it! A ride along is a good way to gain experience and find out if joining a volunteer rescue squad is something you want to do. To do a ride along, you will need a valid driver’s license or state ID card and an active CPR card (Healthcare Provider Level). Ride along forms can be found online or at the Rescue Squad. Ride along can be completed any day of the week between 8AM and 8PM and are limited to 12 hour shifts. Overnight shifts are not available to observers.


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