Are you interested in the medical field, a future in EMS or just love helping others?

The Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad is the perfect place to start. Here we proudly provide EMS service to the 2/3 of the northern part of Isle of Wight County. Staffing multiple units during each shift we encounter all types of medical emergencies and have substantial transport and treatment times in most instances due to the vast rural demographics of our county. This aspect of organization requires the highest trained personnel able to provide the best of care for long transports to the nearest medical facility.

We pride ourselves on an active membership of over 60 members and respond to over 2000 calls for service each year. Also we have intergraded a remarkable working relationship with a limited number of paid providers who help us insure that each shift is adequately covered, this also allows probationary (new) members to ride and precept on nearly every call with either a volunteer or career provider as they work towards being allowed to practice as an Attendant in Charge or Emergency Vehicle Operator.

We constantly provide access to CEU for our members and sponsor them in many advanced training situations.

Whether your interest is EMS as a career or just helping your neighbors, we invite you to join our organization to assist us in saving lives, helping the community, and making life-long friends.

We are looking forward to moving into our new building soon, complete with a state of the art and separate training facility, individual training rooms, meeting areas, and a large kitchen and central day room area. A project that certainly brings pride to each member of our organization, so come join us and be part of this move to the future.


J. Brian Carroll, Chief

Contact us for more information on volunteering, membership, or available training classes.